Refrigerant R-22

Refrigerant R22

R-22 has been the dominant refrigerant in residential and commercial air conditioning. It has been used in refrigeration since the phase-out of CFCs, both as a pure refrigerant and in blends. R-22 is subject to reduced production and restriction in new equipment since 2010, and production will end in 2020. The use of R-22 is allowed until the R-22 supply is exhausted.

NORMAL HANDLING: (Always wear recommended personal protective equipment.)
Avoid breathing vapors and liquid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Do not puncture or drop cylinders, expose them to open flame or excessive heat. Use authorized cylinders only. Follow standard safety precautions for handling and use of compressed gas cylinders.
R-22 should not be mixed with air above atmospheric pressure for leak testing or any other purpose. See Section 5: Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards.

Store in a cool, well-ventilated area of low fire risk and out of direct sunlight. Protect cylinder and its fittings from physical damage. Storage in subsurface locations should be avoided. Close valve tightly after use and when empty.

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