Our Approach

Mondy Global Inc. is a leading global provider of performance chemicals with our globally known brand, RIP Refrigerant Gases. We offer quality refrigerants at an affordable price.

Our Story

Since 1982 Mondy Global has been importing, exporting, distributing and wholesaling worldwide our famous and reputable American brand of “RIP” products. Mondy Global is based in San Antonio Texas USA and has been a reliable source for the supply of all kinds of refrigerant gases.

Diran Yegparian

Founder & CEO

Diran Yegparian


What’s your return policy?

Please notify Mondy Global of any claims no later than 30 days after pick up or delivery date. In case of any leaker claims, valve seal must be intact to be considered.

What are Mondy Global's shipping policies?

Mondy Global ships worldwide.

Our Products