Refrigerant 410A

  • Similar properties to R-22 in residential and commercial air conditioning
  • A blend of R-32 & R-125
  • R-410A is the leading HFC refrigerant for replacing R-22
  • Higher cooling capacity
  • Significantly higher pressure than R-22
  • Available in 25 lb. Cylinders

R-410A has very similar properties to R-22 in air conditioning equipment. R-410A is the leading HFC refrigerant for replacing R-22 in positive displacement residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heat pump systems.

It has a higher cooling capacity and significantly higher pressure than R-22 and should be used only in systems specifically designed for R-410A.

This blend has about 60% higher pressure than R-22 in air conditioning applications and therefore should be used only in new equipment specifically designed to handle the pressure.

Always wear recommended personal protective equipment.

Avoid breathing vapors and liquid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Do not puncture or drop cylinders, expose them to open flame or excessive heat. Use authorized cylinders only. Follow standard safety precautions for handling and use of compressed gas cylinders.

R-410A should not be mixed with air above atmospheric pressure for leak testing or any other purpose.

Store in a cool, well-ventilated area of low fire risk and out of direct sunlight. Protect cylinder and its fittings from physical damage. Storage in subsurface locations should be avoided. Close valve tightly after use and when empty.